ISKCON Ujjain Seminar 2010 Day 1

ISKCON Ujjain Seminar 2010 Day 1

*Ujjain update 11th September, 2010*

Sent in by His Grace Mukunda Prabhu

*The seminar started from today and devotees have started converging from
various places like South Africa, London, Holland, Malaysia and various
parts of India. We expect more devotees to come in the next couple of days.*
* *
*Early morning during mangal arati there is a feeling of chill in the air
but the temple room was quite crowded with the arrival of the devotees. *

* *
*During the morning Bhagavatam class Guru Maharaj elaborated on the aspect
of Kardama muni’s conceiving God in the mood of awe and reverence. He then
differentiated the love exhibited in Golak Vrindavan where Krishna is
considered as a friend, or as ones child or as a lover. Guru Maharaj
enlightened us to take to the mellow of servitude and leave it to the Lord
to decide on which loving relation he induces in us.*
* *
*After a very appetizing breakfast the devotees assembled in the auditorium
to hear from Guru Maharaj on the greatest epic Mahabharat.  It was a
wonderful experience to hear of the many twists and turns of the drama as it
unfolded from the narrations of Guru Maharaj.  The second session was in the
evening and we followed the events of the play without falling off to sleep
as is very common with the Bhagavatam class.*
* *
*In the evening after arati Guru Maharaj dealt with the ninth chapter of
Bhagavat Gita in Hindi and later infused us all to dance in unison to his
melodious kirtan.*
* *
*Devotees get a last darshan for the day of Guru Maharaj as he ascends the
stairs to his apartment. There is an expectancy of each devotee to get a
garland personally from him. The lucky ones cherish the gift while the
others eagerly wait for another day.*
* *

Mukunda das