Kartik In Iskcon Ujjain 2010

Kartik In Iskcon Ujjain 2010

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By  Her Grace Rasada Devi Dasi on first day of Kartik

Cooling and refreshing rain palliated the rather hard caked ground of Ujjain, bringing great relief to everyone.

In the morning, the next day sweet, variegated fragrance greeted the nostrils of everyone. Beautiful budding flowers greeted the rays of sun.  As the day progresses a grayish, thin mist enveloped the city of Ujjain bringing about a feeling of great mystery. Wonderful auspiciousness could be felt, all around us, as the day began to unfold.

The temple of Sri Sri Radha Madan Mohan stood magnificent with its splendid marble features, against the backdrop of this mysterious mist.  Devotees began to become jubilant and full of energy as they waited in anticipation to greet Their beloved Lordships.

Dressed in brilliant white outfits with silver sequence, stunning jewels adorned the body of the Deities, and fragrant rose petals garlands hung around Them, a breath taking view captured the hearts of whoever had the good fortune to see Their Lordships, and the mystery deepened to herald a climax.  In the evening, a crowd gathered, devotees sang melodiously the Damodarastaka prayers, as others offered lamps. In a dimly lit room, the Deities were surrounded by a fountain like huge lamps, which casted a spell around the altar.  The light from the lamps shone brilliantly only to deepen the aura of mystery.  The atmosphere was charged with love and devotion as everyone joined in the singing.  Today on this most auspicious day, Mother Yasoda has bound up Krsna, and the mystery unfolds as night progresses, when Krsna will become bound up by Srimati Radharani, when she binds  Krsna with the rope of Divine love, in the Rasa Dance, an inconceivable pastime which can only be revealed in the
heart of the pure devotee of the Lord.

Photos by Mukunda Dasa :  Click here