ISKCON Ujjain Update 16th January, 2011

ISKCON Ujjain Update 16th January, 2011

A cold wave swept over northern India during the last week of 2010 and the first fortnight of the New Year.  In the state of Madhya Pradesh the minimum temperature in one place dipped to -2’C and in Ujjain the mercury dipped to 3’C one night. The people are enjoying the cool nights under blankets and the bright and soothing sunshine in the day.

On 15th of this month we celebrated Makar Shankranti with various types of sweets preparations called pitas and pullies during breakfast. Outside the temple people distributed sweets and flew kites during the day a ritual followed on this occasion.

As instructed by Guru Maharaj a Matagi’s sankirtan party goes out for Harinam every Friday for the last three weeks. It is really a wonderful scene to see their enthusiastic kirtan and they have jointly procured a
lightweight amplifier for their dancing kirtan. The Prabhu’s are continuing with their sankirtan every Saturday in the evening. Today being ekadasi the devotees are performing 24 hours kirtan.

His Grace Ganganarayan Prabhu went on a preaching mission to Nemach a place where Guru Maharaj visited a month back. The place is renowned for officially growing opium but the fallout has been a large percentage of the population is hooked on to the drug. However His Grace Paritosh Prabhu who preachers to the youth in a technical college has been able to bring some boys and girls at the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada. We visited their house on His GraceParitosh Prabhu’s birthday and were overwhelmed by their warmth and hospitality.

Her Grace Merabhai Matagi an exemplary devotee who lives right next to the Juhu temple has her mind always focused in loving service for Sri Sri Radha MadanMohan at Ujjain. She lost her dear father a fortnight ago and did Vaishnav seva by organizing a wonderful feast for the devotees here. We sincerely thank her for the excellent Prasadam and pray for her father”s advancement in spiritual life.

We also lost a very senior God sister in Kolkata Her Grace Malika Matagi aged 65 years.  She and her late husband His Grace Subol Prabhu came under the shelter of Guru Maharaj in 1990.  The couple was an example for us for their enthusiastic preaching, loving service towards their Deities in their home and also towards Guru Maharaj who relished the rasagullas they brought everyday when he stayed in Kolkata. Matagi was a wonderful host and loving mother to all the devotees who arrived at any hour at their house and we sincerely miss both of them. We sincerely pray so that we can follow in their footsteps.

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