Srimad-Bhagavatam, Canto 5, Chapter 13, The Creative Impetus, Text 19

Srimad-Bhagavatam, Canto 5, Chapter 13, The Creative Impetus, Text 19


Srimad Bhagavatam Canto 5:The Creative Impetus-Chapter13 : Further Talks Between King Rahugana and Jada Bharata-Text 19

atah kathancit sa vimukta apadah
punas ca sartham pravisaty arindama
adhvany amushminn ajaya nivesito
bhraman jano ‘dyapi na veda kascana

atah — from this; kathancit — somehow; sah — he; vimuktah — liberated; apadah — from the danger; punah ca — again; sa-artham — taking interest in that life; pravisati — begins; arim-dama — O King, killer of the enemies; adhvani — on the path of enjoyment; amushmin — that; ajaya — by the influence of the illusory energy; nivesitah — being absorbed; bhraman — traveling; janah — the conditioned soul; adya api — even up to death; na veda — does not understand; kascana — anything.

O killer of enemies, Maharaja Rahugana, if the conditioned soul somehow or other gets out of his dangerous position, he again returns to his home to enjoy sex life, for that is the way of attachment. Thus, under the spell of the Lord’s material energy, he continues to loiter in the forest of material existence. He does not discover his real interest even at the point of death.

This is the way of material life. When one is captured by sexual attraction, he becomes implicated in so many ways and cannot understand the real aim of life. Therefore Srimad-Bhagavatam (7.5.31) says, na te viduh svartha-gatim hi vishnum: generally people do not understand the ultimate goal of life. As stated in the Vedas, om tad vishnoh paramam padam sada pasyanti surayah: those who are spiritually advanced simply look to the lotus feet of Vishnu. The conditioned soul. however, not being interested in reviving his relationship with Vishnu, becomes captivated by material activities and remains in everlasting bondage, being misled by so-called leaders.

So King Rahugana meets Jada Bharata. Jada Bharata was pretending to be jara, to be devoid of intelligence. He was pretending to be as a retarded person. Although his intelligence was apparently mad but physically he was very strong.

In course of time he comes across King Rahugana.
Rahugana considered him to be an ordinary palanquin carrier, carrying his palanquin; and when he was chastising him for not carrying his palanquin properly, so finally Jaya Bharat opened his mouth.

This actually shows that Jada Bharata wanted to bestow his mercy on King Rahugana. All this while Jada Bharata was pretending to be mentally mad. But when finally Jada Bharata opened his mouth, King Rahugana could see that this person is situated in such wisdom, spiritual wisdom, transcendental knowledge. So eventually Jada Bharata gave King Rahugana the ultimate spiritual guidance, he assumed the role of a spiritual master and he imparted the knowledge to King Rahugana.

And in this verse, he is actually pointing out that even a man when he faces distressful situation and he develops some kind of detachment and he tries to get away from this distressful condition, but that situation does not last for very long;  it goes away but again it comes back, again he comes back to his household situation. This verse clearly says it : “again returns to his home to enjoy sex life.”

So this is the root cause of one’s bondage to this material nature. Just by being averse to the distressful material condition is not enough to become completely free from  material bondage because the sex desire is so strong, the sex impulse of a living entity is so strong due to the illusionary energy as it has been pointed out. Due to the illusionary energy of the Lord, that it is practically impossible to get rid of it.

mama maya duratyaya BG 7.14
It is impossible duratyaya, but the secret actually is to get the higher taste. The only way one can be freed from material attachment, one can be freed from sex desire is simply by getting the higher taste.

In one hand material attachment is so strong, it is practically impossible to overcome. But at the same time there is a way to get out of this material attachment, and that is by getting the higher taste. Higher taste means Krishna Consciousness. Higher tastes means devotional service, Higher taste means developing the love for Krishna because that taste is so much joyful that the pleasure derived out of sex life simply appears to be insignificant, not only insignificant it appears to be disgusted.
As King Khulashekara said:
yad-avadhi mama cetah Krishna padaravinde

Ever since my mind has been attached to Krishna’s lotus feet whenever I think of sex life my lips curl in disgust and I spit at the thought.

That is the natural development, the higher taste; the taste for Krishna Consciousness is so wonderful that
any other taste derived from the material involvement appears to be completely disgusting.

In this respect I was remembering during one of my first encounter with Srila Prabhupada. Srila Prabhupada told me, he just started to speak: “Just offer this life to Krishna.” Then he explained what it actually meant. Then Prabhupada explained that this material nature is a prison house of sex desire, maithunya-agara; maithunya means sex life and agara means prison.
This material nature is maithunya-agara. In a regular prison one is chained of…
Jaya Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Ki! Jaya!
Jaya Sri Sri Jagannath, Baladeva, Subhadra Maharani Ki!  Jaya!
Jay Sri Sri Gaura Nitai Ki! Jaya!
So then Prabhupada explained to me that just as in a regular prison one is tied down with a chain but in this material nature living entities are tied down with sex desire, that is the chain; and then Srila Prabhupada explained that as long as one has sex desire one can not become free from material bondage. It is impossible, that is very subtle bondage. Subtle bondage means it is very difficult to detect and it is very difficult to overcome. A chain we can open the lock and free our self but this chain is in the heart; this bond, the sex desire is in the heart.
What is the sex desire actually?
The attraction for the opposite sex.
That attraction is deep down in the heart, that is not with the soul but with the subtle body; the subtle body is attracted to the opposite sex and the result and why this attraction is the pleasure that is derive out of sex life,the ultimate sensual pleasure.
Then Prabhupada explained what is the higher taste, how one can become free only by developing this higher taste. And what is the higher taste? Higher taste is the love for Krishna. Higher taste_ something will be experienced when we develop our loving relationship with Krishna then something will be experienced and that experience will not be on the subtle platform. That experience will be experienced in the spiritual platform. The spirit soul will experience. Otherwise since our consciousness is flowing through the material body, meaning through the material nervous system; body means our consciousness in the material direction is flowing through the mind. Mind is the medium through which the consciousness is being projected in this direction and then it flows through the nervous system. Whatever we experience through this body, all the experiences are actually the ultimate culmination of the reception of things through the nerves. All our nerves are ending in five senses, eyes, ears, nose, tongue and touch. All the nerves are actually ending in these five external senses and through them
We try to deride pleasure because jivas are anandamaya jivas are full of joy, but because the consciousness is flowing in the material direction, the living entities are trying to enjoy through the material experiences, the contact between the object of the senses with the senses or the contact of the senses with the object of the senses.
dhyayato visayan pumsah  BG 2.62
As Krishna pointed in Bhagavad Gita, Visayan, What is the “visayan”?  Visayan means the object of the senses. Dhyayate. What is running? The consciousness.
How is it running? It is running through the body. In the body, how is it running?
First through the mind, the brain center, then from the brain center the system expands, the spinal colon then extends to the different nerves and the nerves end in five senses. All our nerves are ending in the five senses.
And through that we a re trying to derive the pleasure and of all the pleasures, the sex life derived out of touch senses is considered to be the most acute sensual pleasure and the living entities are attracted to that pleasure but actually it is a bondage with that sex desire everyone is tied down to the material nature therefore material nature has been described as a prison house of sex desire and then Prabhupada pointed out that this sex desire is actually is the perverted reflection of the joy one derives out of Krishna Consciousness, developing his loving relationship, his loving exchange with Krishna. When a living entity develops his relationship with Krishna, this relationship is not just a sentimental thing, this relationship is not an artificial thing , this relationship is real. A jiva, a living entity experiences a loving exchange with Krishna, a living entity loves Krishna, jiva…..a devotee loves Krishna and Krishna responds to that love, Krishna reciprocates that love and a loving exchange actually takes place and the joy that one derides that is the real joy, anandamaya, jiva is sat cit ananda just as Krishna is sat cit ananda, jiva is also minute sat cit ananda, in a minute way experiencing ananda. And that ananda is derived by developing that loving relationship with Krishna and the joy that one derides out of sex life is a perverted reflection of that joy. So it is a perverted reflection, it gives an impression, it gives the promise, it shows a possibility of the joy but actually there is no joy.
chapala sukha-lava lagi’ re
Lava that flickering sukha or happiness or delight or joy experienced for one eleventh part of a second but in Krishna Consciousness that is endless, that is eternal, there is no end of the experience of that joy. That is why when one experiences that then there is no possibility of being attracted to the perverted reflection.
You are very hungry and there is a reflection of a beautiful apple, now will the reflection satisfy your hunger, no matter how much you try to get this apple out of the reflection, will you ever get that apple? No But since it is a reflection in reality it must be existing somewhere
So let’s find out what is the origin of that reflection, where is the real apple existing? Then you go to the real tree, you pick the apple and you satisfy your hunger, when you eat the apple your hunger will be automatically be satiated. That is what Krishna Consciousness is providing. In course of the discussion, Prabhupada actually, it was just the beginning only, Prabhupada mentioned: “So many lifetime you are trying to enjoy but you are still not satisfied; for life after life , for so many life time you are trying to enjoy but everyone, we can see no one is satisfied. Why? Because in reality it is not there that is how we must use our intelligence and figure out that it is not there. The joy, the happiness that we are trying to experience in the material nature through all our materialistic endeavors will never be satisfied, it has not been satisfied for so many life time and therefore it will never be satisfied in the future, the only solution to this problem or the only reality of this experience of joy will come when we will develop our relationship with Krishna and then at the end Prabhupada just told me that even if there is nothing, even if nothing happens through this endeavor, it is just one life time. Laughing! What is the lost? Just one life time out of so many lives time even if it goes to waste what is the lost? I feel very fortunate that Srila Prabhupada so mercifully explained that to me practically at the beginning of my spiritual life and also in order to close the door behind me Srila Prabhupada gave me sannyasa after two and half months. Laughing and clapping! Shut down the door. No way to go back.
As it has been saying that one develops some aversion to the materialistic endeavor for sense gratification and when all his endeavor for sense gratification is spoiled then he becomes dishearten, he becomes frustrated and he gives it up but he can’t give it up for long he comes back again to home for sex life because the sex desire impulse, the sex desire is so strong that one can not remain in that situation of renunciation unless and until one comes to Krishna Consciousness and Krishna Consciousness provides the higher taste.
I know many of you are in the household situation, now am I blaspheming the household situation? No
It does not matter which situation we are in, the goal of life is to conquer sex desire. The house holders do that in a certain way, brahmacaris and sannyasis do it in another way. I know many of you before getting married you asked me whether you should get married and I said: “Yes. Go ahead.” And the reason I suggested you should go ahead getting married is because the environment in this material nature is so alluring, the all arrangements, the material energy is becoming very, very powerful here especially in the western world.
What does the material energy do? The material energy induces one to get involved in sex life, provokes that, and allures one into that. So when you are living in the west, for whatever reason that now you are in the west , it will be very difficult to live a brahmacari life especially at least and until you are twenty four hours in a temple situation. Therefore those who are not in a position to be in a temple twenty four hours a day, it is better to get married. Prabhupada himself said it is like fighting from a castle, Durga, a fort. Household life in this material nature gives the protection from the onslaught of Maya and in this way both life rather you are a brahmacari rather you are in a household life, rather you are a  sannyasi, rather you are a vanaprastha, go through your life but remember the only way to overcome sex desire is by developing our loving relationship with Krishna that means utilize this opportunity that you got in this human form of life to develop your Krishna Consciousness, develop your relationship with Krishna , develop your love for Krishna. Your heart really wants to love somebody, now offer that love to Krishna. That is what Krishna Consciousness is actually teaching us. The goal of Krishna Consciousness is to develop our love for Krishna, the love that you have in your heart, just offer it to Krishna and you will see how Krishna reciprocates. It is not that you have to love Krishna, Krishna already loves you. When somebody loves you already, is it difficult to love that person. He already loves us but that love is incomplete because you are not responding, we are not responding to that love. Krishna says: “Look, I love you!” We don’t even hear.
Krishna screams: ” I love you.” We don’t hear. But if some day we hear and respond to Krishna: “Oh Krishna! You love me? I love you too.” So how will Krishna respond? I am sure all of you have some sort of experience of loving relationship. How do you feel when the person you love does not respond and then some day when that person responds then how do you feel? That is how Krishna is going to react when we offer our love to Krishna when we say: “Krishna I love you.” Maybe we do not even know how to love but if we say: “Krishna I love you.” Krishna will embrace us and then we will get to know what love actually is. This is how simple, how natural this loving relationship with Krishna is and that is why we are all here. We are all here in Krishna Consciousness movement, we are all here in ISKCON simply to develop this loving relationship with Krishna and Prabhupada is showing us the way how to do that and it is not at all difficult, we simply have to make the right gesture in the right direction, the right approach in the right direction. If we do that it will develop automatically and it is not what we are saying, Bhagavatam is saying, Bhagavatam is so clearly giving that understanding. That what is this material nature is like, what is the consequence of being entangled in this material nature?
What is the consequence? What is the natural outcome of being entangled in the material nature? What? Anybody ?
Answer: Suffering.
Suffering. Get entangled in the material nature and you get suffering. Intelligent person recognizes that, unintelligent person does not realize that but the reality is the material nature is a place of suffering.
Dukhalayam ashasvatam, or it has been said a prison house. Does anybody go to the prison to enjoy? Should anyone try to enjoy in the prison or should he try to get out of the prison? He used to know the way to get out of the prison, the formula or the process has been given by Srila Prabhupada how to get out of the prison and experience an endless joy by developing our relationship with Krishna and by being transported to the spiritual sky.
Thank you all very much. Hare Krishna!
All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
Does anybody have any question or comment?
Q: Thank you Maharaja. As long as we are here in the temple, as long as we are listening nice class it is very easy to keep the level high, the consciousness to agree with everything and say yes to it, but the moment we go away to our own situation, to our home, at least for myself I am speaking, it is so hard, I feel so depressed I am surrounding by all the things I am around with, just the world in general, the situation. How can we keep up the same level of Krishna Consciousness?

GM: Yes. That is what I was saying. To begin with, the influence of the material nature is very, very alluring, very degrading. Right That is what the material nature is like. What you are saying is that when you go out there, your consciousness becomes degraded. Right. Whereas when you are in the temple it is so easy. Why? Because you are having the right association, you are having an opportunity to develop your relationship with Krishna, therefore this atmosphere is so uplifting, that is your point. The atmosphere in the temple is so uplifting, the atmosphere outside is so degrading. What to do? If possible try to have as little to do with the outside world. Right? Try to do as much as possible with the temple… That should be the first consideration, the common sense consideration and then try to create a situation where you can be always in the temple and not go to the outside world, so that you can eventually be situated on the spiritual platform permanently. Now you know, maybe it is not possible for the time being. Are you married? You are married. Do you have children? So I can understand. Have you been single then you could have done so many things: you could have joint the temple full time, you could have ideally come to Mayapura or Vrndavana but the thing is since it is not possible the advice will be try to make the best from a bad bargain. You have to be in that world what can be done? You have to be there, therefore try to create a spiritual atmosphere as much as possible and try to remain in that atmosphere as much as possible and try to be absorbed in that atmosphere as much as possible. Right? Thank you.

Q: Thank you very much Maharaja, you gave a very practical class. Always we are fighting, how we can get out of the prison that is why you and Prabhupada gave us the shelter of your lotus feet; my question is that because of your mercy we got to know how to get out of the prison, because of that most of us got initiation but still whenever we get chance we try to fulfill our sex desire.

GM: Good point. My response to that will be when it is a matter of getting out of the prison; you can not get out yourself. You surrender to the king and the king will take you out of the prison. Right?  So, the way to get out of the prison is by surrendering to Krishna and leave it up to Him how He will take you out of the prison. Okay! We are in the material nature and if we practice the process of Krsna Consciousness properly then Krsna will reciprocate in due course of time. Do you know when is the ultimate point of getting out of the prison? The ultimate point of getting out of the prison is at the time of death. Therefore we must prepare ourselves for that moment. When death comes with what kind of consciousness I am going to leave my body? That should be our meditation, our consideration. When the time of death comes am I going to think of my material possessions, my attachments, my attractions or I am going to think of Krishna. That will be the choice at that time. If by chance we think of any object in the material nature, we have to come back. On the other hand if we can think of Krishna at the time of death, that means our mind should be absorbed only in Krishna and Krishna Consciousness. Then there is no looking back that is what we have to practice. Am I ready if death comes now? What am I going to do? Did you ever think? Did you ever think that someday you have to die? Did you ever think that death can come at any moment? What if death comes now? What should be our consciousness? We have to think of Krishna, we have to say: “Krishna, ok I am ready.” That should be our attitude that is the thing that we are actually practicing in Krishna Consciousness. If death comes now, am I ready? Yes, I am. Nothing to look back. Krishna I am ready to go with You. That is what we have to practice, that is what we have to prepare.
Yes Alahayudha
Q: Thank you Guru Maharaja. Since you have mentioned, that God loves us so much, how can we experience Krishna in our life and how can we experience that Krishna loves us?
GM: Okay. You are very hungry and there is some food. Did you ever think who gave you the food? Okay, what the food is prepared from? Some vegetable, some    cabbage. How did the cabbage come? A small little seed felt on the ground, it sprouted into a seedling and then it grew and eventually it turned into a cabbage or you have some banana, a small little tree grow into and then banana grow out of that. Who made this arrangement?
Answer: Krishna Why did He do that? Why Krishna went out of His way to make all these arrangements, for a seed to turn into a fruit, through a tree, or made all other arrangements because He loves us, because He loves you. You are very thirsty and there is a bottle of water. Who gave this water?
Answer: Krishna
There is a lot of water in the ocean, can you drink that water? Three fourth of the planet is actually water but can you drink that ocean water? Look! Such a wonderful arrangement. The sun’s heat is causing the water to evaporate, distillation, it evaporates, it forms into clouds then the wind disperses into different parts then it condenses and comes out as pure water, distilled water, pure H2O.
Who made this arrangement?
Answer: Krishna.
Why did He do that?
Okay, you need air to breathe, but taking oxygen and giving out Carbone dioxide, if the process continues in this way then the all atmosphere would have been filled with Carbone dioxide and there would have not been any oxygen left. Did it ever happen? Why not? Because the trees and plants are taking the Carbone dioxide and giving out Oxygen.
Who made this arrangement?
Answer: Krishna.
And you still think that he does not love you. Laugh. That is how we have to literally experience that Krishna loves us. Prabhupada said that Krishna loves us so much that if we take one step towards Krsna, Krsna will take thousand steps, millions steps towards us to pick us up. He loves us much more than we can imagine. Look at our situation, He loves us so much but we do not even care for Him. He is here, so attractive, all attractive and this personality is the controller of everything, He is the creator of everything and He is standing here and He is saying I love you but we are so deaf that we do not hear Him. It is just a matter of reciprocation. He appeared here so that we can see Him and when with all sincerity we say: “Krishna, I love you.” We will see how Krishna reciprocates.

Q: How to develop from mental platform to spiritual platform? Another question, mental platform means brain, mind and nervous system when situated on the spiritual platform how does it work?

GM: Very good. So we have three planes of existence. One is gross bodily platform; the other is the subtle bodily platform and then the spiritual platform. The gross body has its duration, period. We are in this gross body for a certain period. The gross body then dies but the subtle body consisting of mind, intelligence and false ego does not die. The subtle body does not die; the subtle body rather carries the soul from one body to another body. Mind, intelligence and false ego will not die at the time of death. Rather that subtle body will carry us to the next body.
What are the criteria for carrying to the next body? As we act accordingly the subtle body takes the shape.
For example if somebody acts like an angel, we say sometimes somebody, he is like an angel. Why do you say because his activities are like an angel, and those activities actually will give the shape of the subtle body. According to his activities, the subtle body takes the shape.
Sometimes we say he is like an animal. Why? Because his activities are like those of an animal and accordingly his activities will shape his subtle body. Whatever we do it has its impression in the subtle body. When you do something good, how do you feel? You feel elated, that is how your subtle body becomes affected. When you do something wrong although no one saw it you feel bad, you feel heavy, because your subtle body has been affected. Our actions affect our subtle body and it develops its shape. In this body according to our actions our subtle body is taking its shape. And at the time of death when we will leave this body the subtle body will carry the soul to an appropriate body, the nature will place the soul according to the shape of the subtle body in an appropriate womb. As I pointed out the subtle body does not die but the subtle body can transform; so we have mind but when the mind is engaged in serving Krishna.
Mad mana bhava, mind’s business is to think and we constantly think of Krishna then What happens? Mind is spiritualized.
Then we have intelligence. BG 10.10
tenam satata-yuktanam
bhajatam pritthi-purvakam
dadami buddhi-yogam tam
yena mam upayanti te

One who is constantly engaged in serving Krishna with love and devotion, Krishna is saying: I give him the spiritual intelligence. This is how intelligence is spiritualized. And in this way when one is engaged in serving Krishna then what happens to his false ego?
jivera ‘svarupa’ haya-Krishnera ‘nitya-dasa’
Madhya lila 20.108-109
Does he have mind, intelligence and false ego? The subtle body is gone.
So that is the state of the existence of the pure soul in the body, that state is called jivan mukta stage or stage of svarupa siddhi, he has achieved his spiritual perfection, that means no subtle body, the pure spirit soul is existing in the body and then time will come when the body will give up the body, at that time the pure spirit soul will go back to the spiritual sky and that is called vastu-siddhi. As long as the pure soul is in the body it is called svarupa siddhi but when the soul is free from the bondage of the body, then it is vastu-siddhi. All right.

Q: How is the physiological set up when one is situated on the spiritual platform?

GM: Physiologically it will function the same way; the body is there, as long as the body’s perception, the senses will be there, its function will be there, as I have mentioned ultimately all the nerves are ending in the brain center.

Q: Not, like…

GM: Okay,I am coming to that. But Krishna Consciousness means the real spiritual platform is when you put Krishna in the center. The same way the body may function but if the functioning of the body through the nervous system through the mind through the brain center, if it is for Krishna, it is spiritual. The difference between material and spiritual is very little. When you put yourself in the center it is material when you put Krishna in the center it is spiritual. Right. So the ultimate spiritual consideration is to put Krishna in the center. As you have mentioned Yoga. Yoga is the process by which they learn to put Krishna in the center. Astanga Yoga. Through the Astanga Yoga what are they doing? When they achieve the perfection, Samadhi, they see Krishna in the heart as the Supersoul. So when one sees Krishna, the all attractive Personality face to face, then what happens to him? He naturally becomes attracted. So that is the ultimate consideration, the yoga is not the practicing of controlling the nervous system and so one. That is only one aspect of the yoga: asana aspect; then there is pranayama, the breathing control; more important than the control of the nervous system or tuning up the nervous system is the breathing control. When one controls the breathing control through pranayama his mind with the pranayama then he can detach his mind from the objects of the senses. That is called pratyahara. After pratyahara, when the consciousness has been completely withdrawn from matter then only the consciousness can be projected unto Krishna in the heart, that is dharaya, then dhyana then Samadhi.
Yes you have a question

Q: Yes Maharaj. Not clear

GM: Krishna does not give bhakti but Krishna ‘s devotees give bhakti abundantly. How did you get your bhakti? Did Krishna come and give you? Who gave you? Prabhupada’s books, Prabhupada’s devotees, Right. So this is how although Krishna may not want to give bhakti but Krishna’s devotees go out of their way to give bhakti and once you get bhakti then Krishna becomes sold out to you.

Q: inaudible

GM: Ultimately it is a matter of tuning the consciousness.
Generally for the conditioned soul the consciousness naturally flows toward the material direction due to his desire and attachment. Right! But what are we doing in ISKCON? We are learning the process of projecting our consciousness to Krishna. Consciousness is now toward matter but through this process of Devotional Service as Prabhupada has given the process, what are we learning? To become Krishna conscious. Right and when we become Krishna conscious, ultimately it is all a matter of consciousness. Which direction your consciousness is going? Is it flowing toward matter or is it flowing toward Krishna. If its tendency is to flow toward matter then we are in trouble, at the time of death we will be thinking of the object of our attachments, if it is projected unto Krishna then at the time of death who are you going to think of? That is the simple practice that we are trying to cultivate, Krishna Consciousness, Consciousness toward Krsna.

Q: What happen to the nitya siddha devotee when he leaves the plane?

GM: I just explained the nitya siddha is one who has been situated in his spiritual identity; he is a pure spirit soul. You get it. Pure spirit soul means he has become fully Krishna conscious. He is pure. When the soul is pure what does he do? Only think of Krishna, he is attracted to Krishna only, not to anything else . So when he leaves then he is free to go back to Krishna, go back to Godhead.

Q: Like Dhruva Maharaja,when he left….

GM: He went back to Vaikuntha.

Q: in the same body, material body or….

GM: The thing is that ultimately matter will not go to Vaikuntha or spiritual world. Matter will never be able to enter the spiritual world. The spiritual world is the world of spirit soul so only the pure spirit soul will go. When you are going to the spiritual world, do you want to care for the body? Rather what happens is his all existence becomes so spiritualized that that becomes his body. He develops a spiritual body, and whatever material aspect of it is left behind. But then again the pure devotee’s body also is spiritual. Like Prabhupada used to give the example of iron, when it becomes red hot in contact of fire, is it iron or fire?
Answer: Fire.

GM: This is how a pure devotee’s body becomes spiritual that is why a pure devotee’s body is put into samadhi.

Ok, I will stop now. Thank you all very much.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada.


Transcription : Her Grace Archana Dasi
Editing : Ramananda Raya Dasa
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