Capetown SA With His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami (Dec. 2011)

Capetown SA With His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami (Dec. 2011)

Article Sent By His Grace Pankajalochana Dasa

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26th December, 2011,

The Emirates chauffeur was expected to come and pick us from H G Radheshyam Prabhu’s house at 1:45 AM, pretty early. I had slept last night at 11:30 PM after arranging the luggage, followed by my diary entry for the day and was again up by 12:30 AM. At around 1:30 AM, there was a call on Srila Gurudev’s phone, which was with me that night. The dialer was the chauffeur who came to drop us. I went to Srila Gurudev to wake Him up and inform him about this but learned that He was already awake and chanting his rounds of  Hare Krsna Mahamantra.

Then at 2:00 AM we left from H G Radheshyam Prabhu’s house for Delhi International Airport. Our flight for South Africa via Dubai was supposed to be boarded from Terminal 3. The flight scheduled at 4:45 AM was favorably punctual also. It took around 3 hours and 30 minutes to reach from Delhi to Dubai Airport. But this part of my journey was unfortunately mournful. I was surrounded by middle-aged ladies with small, cute children.  But by the end of the Journey these small and cute children completely exasperated me and they had been bungling around, making all sorts of noise and crying at some unique pitch. I was totally vexed but soon the flight landed and I was thanking Lord Krsna for allowing this flight to land at Dubai. We hear in so many lectures that we should cry for Krsna like a child cries for his mother, I tried hard to relate to their crying in this mood. Although this special category of crying tends to grate the nerves so I don’t remember whether they were crying for their mothers or not but I began crying for Lord Krsna out of frustration and soon after that the flight landed at Dubai Airport. From Dubai we boarded another connecting flight to Cape Town, which took another nine and a half hours to reach the destination.

Finally the long journey came to an end and at Cape Town (South Africa).  Around 20 devotees came to welcome Srila Gurudev at the Airport. Among them I could only recognize H G Guru Gauranga Prabhu. As we came out of the Airport, there was a Silver Rolls Royce Phantom specially for receiving Srila Gurudev, the driver, named Moses was standing nearby. Moses was
astounded to know that after coming to South Africa after such a long interval, Srila Gurudev still remembered his name.

From Airport we arrived at Llandudno, Raghavan Prabhu’s house. Llandudno is an expensive residential area situated on a beautiful hillside next to the ocean with its limitless beauty consisting of clean and cool Atlantic seashore and mountains. This area has pristine beautiful beaches and fresh air and is a beautiful place which was now decorated with the
transcendental beauty of Gurudev. Amid all this Srila Gurudev mentioned, “Pankaja, you will find all kind of fascinating cars in Raghavan’s garage”.  After knowing this, my curiosity knew no bounds and in few minutes we reached H G Raghavan Prabhu’s house. The house was beautifully located between mountains on one side and beaches on the other, very suitable for
calming the mind and senses and remembering Lord Krsna’s eternal pastimes.

There was a sumptuously grand palatable feast prasadam cooked by H G Sucitra devi dasi just for the pleasure of Guru-Maharaj, which He honored after a shower. While honoring prasadam they all were discussing their pastimes with Srila Gurudev and Srila Gurudev was mentioning about how wonderfully Sucitra devi dasi had taken care of Srila Gurudev with immense
attention and love when He was in the US recuperating from a heart attack at Guru Gauranga Prabhu’s house for about a month.

After prasadam, we went for a drive followed by a short walk. This was the most awaited moment for me as I was going to see the fantastically fascinating car collection of H G Raghavan prabhu. When the door opened I stepped in and discovered a Ferrari in black-yellow stripes and very near was a Bentley sports version in black-silver stripes. We got inside that
Bentley and went for a long drive and then we walked a little bit just to rejuvenate after a long journey from Delhi to Cape Town. Meanwhile I witnessed the sunset of Cape Town, which was beautiful, and I was amazed and surprised to see that the Sun was visible till 8:15 PM.

Then we came back to Raghavan Prabhu’s house. After offering massage to Guru-Maharaj I came in my room and just before closing my eyes I was remembering what Srila Gurudev instructed when we were in Delhi.

“The real wealth in Krsna Consciousness is *Humility*. We don’t have to become a big devotee rather we have to become a Humble Devotee.”

As I was contemplating on these lines I could make out that with humble services we attract the attention and mercy of Srila Gurudev- “yasya pras€d€d bhagavat-pras€do yasy€pras€d€n na gatiƒ kuto ‘pi” and thus we can please Krsna, which is our only business?

To be continued

Yours in the service of Srila Gurudev

Your servant

Pankajalochan Krsna Dasa