His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami In Iskcon Ujjain (December 2011)

His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami In Iskcon Ujjain (December 2011)

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Article By His Grace Pankajalochana Krishna Dasa

December 19th 2011.

Today the day started rather late, but it was ecstatic. Considering myself really fortunate I was going to take *darshan* of Srila Gurudev last morning. As I entered the sacred room my dear Guru Maharaj, who was looking effulgent in his bright sanyasi robes, was about to begin his breakfast.

Gurudev then told me to read from *Sri Chaitanya Charitamrta*. Just before I commenced reading from *Madhya Lila Vol 1,* I contemplated for a moment that how much merciful and tolerant my Guru Maharaj is that He is engaging such an unqualified and fallen soul like me in his own personal service. I immediately pushed this thought out of my mind-screen and made my insignificant attempt to narrate the nectarine pastimes of Lord Gauranga.

While listening with rapt attention Srila Gurudev was constantly correcting me wherever and whenever I was making mistakes. But when it comes to this particular verse it was so profound and lofty for my mind that even amid millions of births I will never be able understand this until my merciful Gurudev ,who is a true *rupanuga*, bestows his causeless mercy upon me. It goes like –

yah kaumara-harah sa eva hi varas ta eva caitra-ksapas
te conmilita-malati-surabhayah praudhah kadambanilah
sa caivasmi tathapi tatra surata-vyapara-lila-vidhau
reva-rodhasi vetasi-taru-tale cetah samutkanthate

* **“ That very personality who stole away my heart during my youth is now again my master. These are the same moonlit night of the month of Caitra.  The same fragrance of malati flower is there, and the same sweet breezes are blowing from the kadamba forest. In our intimate relationship, I am also the same lover, yet still my mind is not happy here. I am eager to go
back to that place on the bank of the Reva under the Vetasi tree. That is my desire.”*

Srila Gurudev asked me to go through the verse again, I could see how he was relishing that wonderful discription.

When Srila Gurudev finished his breakfast we all came out. I was now all set to go to Indore to receive H H Indradyumna Swami Maharaj at the airport. My hairs stood on ends with this wonderful opportunity to meet such an exalted devotee.

I went to Indore a little early, to take care of some other business and then went to the airport. The flight, from Delhi, was scheduled to land at 3:15 P.M., but was somehow delayed by 50 minutes. Three of us – Bimal Krsna Prabhu, Nitai Chandra Prabhu, and I went inside the Airport with garlands in our hands and a group of devotees stood outside performing Kirtan and distributing Srila Prabhupada’s books. Srila Gurudev called H G Bimal Krsna Prabhu and was meticulously inquiring about the arrangements made for Maharaj’s arrival and specially for how many devotees were doing Kirtan outside the airport and how many garlands we were having to offer.

Activated by Srila Gurudev’s such personal care and attention regarding each and every aspect just for the pleasure and comfort of a Vaishnava, H H Indradyumna Swami Maharaj, His Godbrother, three of us started to eulogize Guru Maharaj one after other.

Finally the most awaited moment was there as from distance I was able to see a tall and strong-built personality with lucent saffron robes, dimensions deepened, glowing white body just like some demi-god. But when I recollected myself I could clearly see that He was much more than a demi-god, the aroma around had captivated my sense to smell and I felt to inhale all of this divine fragrance. “Here is a pure devotee of Lord Krsna, God-brother of my dear Guru Maharaj and an elderly Sanyassi.” soon this line was clear in my mind and with same consciousness I offered my obeisance to H H Indradyumna Swami Maharaj.

H G Bimal Krsna Prabhu introduced me to Maharaj, as if I was someone important, feeling little ashamed of being given such importance I greeted Maharaj “Hare Krsna Maharaj”. As we walked out of the Airport the sound of Kirtan grew louder and louder and later when they saw Indrdyumna Swami Maharaj they began to dance in ecsatcy. And maharaj walked in the middle of the devotees. Everyone offered  obeisance’s to Maharaj. After having a glance upon all the devotees Maharaj asked me “are we having a gurukul here” as Maharaj was encircled by a number of devotee students. I replied “no Maharaj, they are the products and by-products of youth preaching going on here”.

Maharaj started interacting with them and asked one of the devotee students “how old are you?” “Maharaj 14”, the devotee replied. Maharaj further asked “and how many rounds do you chant?” “Maharaj 8”, answered the devotee. Then He asked the same set of questions to another boy and to my surprise the first answer was same. And then He asked the same set of questions again to another boy and now to my wonder he was also 14 years old. Then Maharaj replied in jest “you 14, you 14, you 14, you all 14. I think even I am 14”, everyone after hearing this chuckled and grinned within heart. I also smiled  acknowledging Maharaj’s jolly nature. As we were further moving towards the car, Maharaj encountered a fat, round, small boy and asked him “how old are you?”  “Maharaj 11”, he answered. Maharaj then told me “ask him to become my bodyguard when he grows”. “Ha ha ha .” every one heartily laughed looking at the cute little boy and he boy was looking at me while he was smiling. “I will meet you later” I assured him and walked to the other car that was going to follow him. It took on about 45 minutes of drive to reach the Temple. A group of devotees were doing ecstatic harinaam sankirtana and some devotees were dancing. Just before the car came to a halt the kirtan reached a crescendo. The thumping of mridangas, the ringing
clashes of kartals and amidst all of this, standing with garlands in His hands, was my dear Guru Maharaj, looking so joyful and happy to greet His Godbrother. Gurudev then offered garland to Maharaj and then hugged Maharaj, sharing love with Maharaj. Both the personalities were so much overwhelmed with joy and love. After this warm reception we moved towards  the temple and the path for the pleasure of Maharaj was decorated by colorful flowers. The temple altar was closed and inside the temple hall were two thrones with white asanas as part of an arrangement for Guru Puja of both the sanyassis. The temple head pujari, H G Arunaksha Prabhu, was doing the arotika and the kirtan was lead by Pundarikaksha Prabhu, while the kirtan was going on both the personalities were also singing the prayers. As I was sitting next to them I was able to configure it out that both the personalities were not taking any of the credit being offered to them, they were forwarding it all to their Guru Maharaj, His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

After the arotika, the temple altars were opened and we took darshan of the beautiful sambandha deity of our sampradaya (gaudiya-vaishnava sampradaya), Sri Sri Radha Madan-Mohan dev ji.

**“jayatam suratau pangor**
mama manda-mater gati

After offering my obeisance with this pranam mantra when I saw the deity, I was completely spell-bound. The deities were looking so stunningly gorgeous in their charming red and black color embroidered and heavily worked dress, alluring the hearts of even millions of kama dev and and the dazzling wooden alter with gold work enraptured the vision of millions.

After a detailed deity darshan, Srila Gurudev introduced HH Indradyumna swami Maharaj in Hindi language and then Indradyumna Maharaj gave an arrival address wherein he was mentioning about what he was observing about this beautiful, white marbled, divine temple, as he was coming after 5 years to Ujjain. I said that when He was here last time it was no more than a construction site. And how a desire of a pure devotee [Guru Maharaj] and the thus guided efforts of devotees can turn a barren land into a place non-different than Vrndavan. As He was further extolling the beauty of temple and devotees here He mentioned one of His teachings he learned from Srila Prabhupada. He said “there are two by which one can identify whether
the temple is growing or not, whether the preaching of the sankirtana movement is going on or not:

1.       By looking at the Tulasi tree in that temple.
2.       By observing devotees taste in harinaam.”

Everyone was just focused to listen to the next line. He added “here I found both the things” giving all credits to Srila  Prabhupada. A relaxing smile ran through the devotees.

Then He said “now I will tell you a secret” and instructed everyone to turn their recorders and cameras and all other gadgets off. All the recorders and cameras and other gadgets were off and everyone was centralized to hear this secret. Maharaj was coming after 5 years to this temple, what possible secret could it be that Maharaj was about to disclose. As these thoughts were running through my mind, Maharaj came near to the microphone and spoke “This deity is the most beautiful deity in whole of ISKCON”, just as he said so everyone exploded out of delight and chanted “Hari Bol. Hari Bol. Hari Bol.”

“*Jai Sri Sri Radha Madana-Mohan ji ki Jai.*”

Yours in the service of Srila Gurudev

Your servant

Pankajalochan Krsna Dasa