“How To Become Immortal” – Preaching Program In Bhopal By Bhakti Charu Swami

“How To Become Immortal” – Preaching Program In Bhopal By Bhakti Charu Swami

img_20161006_230058On the 6th day of the September month 2016, His Holiness Bhakti Charu Swami Maharaj arrived in Bhopal. There was a program organized in the central hall of a reputed hotel of the city. Maharaj chose the topic “How to become immortal”, as the most of the listeners were students and few were congregational devotees. The moment Maharaj reached the forecourt of the hotel; he was greeted and received with rose petals and garlands. Maharaj also encountered around 100 students from different BACE’s (Youth Preaching centres), congregation members and ISKCON Bhopal devotees, dancing in ecstasy for receiving him. In the hall Maharaj was welcomed with lots of haribols!!

img_20161010_182145Maharaj started the class with differentiating the body and soul. He stated that the entire society is engaged for decorating and maintaining the body without considering the cause of the all things (the spirit soul). He said that any burning object burns till that time when it is in contact with the main fire source and loses its fieriness as gets separated from the fire and turns into ash. But again as it amalgamates with fire it gets its fieriness. After that He said, we all are conditioned soul and had lost our relation with the lord but as we will come in the association of the devotees we will be able to establish the same relation with the lord we had earlier. Maharaj concluded by saying that we should keep a watch on our activities and as we find that Krishna is not in the center, we should bring him in the center again. Also, as you will realize that we are not this body rather we are spirit soul that very moment we become immortal.img_20161010_181850

Maharaj also asked for questions, but students were hesitating. He then said that please don’t hesitate and feel free to ask any kind of question. Thereafter there was an avalanche of questions and finally Maharaj had to refrain taking question furthermore, due to time constraints. Then there was a very vibrant Kirtan by him and students enjoyed a lot.
Finally Maharaj requested students to come Ujjain in their vacations for few days. And gracefully left the hall and proceeded for the hotel.  He was accompanied by different devotees from ISKCON Ujjain, Bimala Krishna Das, Raghav Pandit Das, Rasananda Das, Sitanath Das and Indresh Das. It was very enlivening and enchanting experience for all the devotees of Bhopal.

Please hear recoding here:

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